Relapse: Just a Phase, Not for the Rest of the Life

People who get addicted to any substance including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and others need medical care to get back to normal life. Many people think that once they are out of the rehab, they will never get addicted. But the fact is that it completely depends on the self-control of the person and nothing else. Many people again get back to addictive substance slowly losing their control over it. this when they again get into addiction. This very period of getting back to addiction after rehab is called the relapse period. Many people tag it as a failure of the treatment. But it is not what truth is. Relapse does not imply the treatment of addiction was a failure and that is why the person went back to addiction again.

Relapse and the Role that Rehabs Play in Treating Addiction

That thing that Detox to Rehab does is that the process treats addiction and shows the people a way to a healthier and happier future life with the help of therapies and education. Now it is the decision of the patient whether he or she will live a sober life or get back to the substances. It has nothing to do with rehabilitation. A relapse also does not mean that the person cannot be treated again. Treatment can also help people who are on a relapse. They can again get their normal life back. The only thing is that the person needs to learn the lesson and decide for himself. As rehabs teaches on how to manage with mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression, the professionals try to equip the person with resources to fight with these situations. Now it is the decision of the person whether to use the knowledge or keep it aside. One can definitely make a comeback even from relapse.