Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Warts

Warts, which are rough and hard, usually develop on the top layer of skin and is caused by the papillomavirus. This virus creates a high amount of keratin, which causes the wart. Though warts are not seriously contagious, you can contact them when there is skin-to-skin contact or from contaminated surfaces.

If you find any such growth and it causes pain, bleeds, or causes discomfort, check with your dermatologist as soon as possible since it can affect the surrounding area also. Most warts can be treated easily without having any surgery and it may take different times for the virus to leave your body. Your doctor may recommend salicylic acid, cryotherapy, or chemical treatments.

But most wart removal methods are not so effective. They can also be frustrating and painful, and the condition may also come back after a certain period. When warts are hard to treat, other treatments like laser, chemical peels, and immunotherapy, are used. In many cases, laser treatment has become the best solution and is preferred by many people for removing warts.

Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

For  pulsed dye laser treatment is commonly used since it is not much painful. It requires only local anaesthesia and can be done without making any incisions. When this method is followed, there will not be any open wounds or there is no need of fearing that the surrounding skin will be affected.

Your dermatologist will first scrap the wart’s tough surface. Then he will direct the laser light on the wart. The pulses that come from the light heat up the blood cells to stop the blood supply to the wart. The heat also kills the virus that caused the wart. Once the procedure is done, the wart will become greyish-purple.

The discolored wart will be there for 2-3 weeks. Since the blood supply is stopped, it will start drying up. Once dried, it will separate from the skin. On your follow-up visit, the doctor will remove the remaining crusts. If the wart is of abnormal size or a different type, it may require additional treatment. But you can start your normal activities once the procedure is done.

CO2 Laser Treatment

In this treatment, a precise dose of heat is used to destroy the wart. It also burns the surrounding surface to prevent further infection. Unlike other treatments for warts, they don’t return when treated using a CO2 laser. Also, scarring is minimal, and you can get wart-free skin.

Laser treatment is preferred for its efficiency, convenience, and its excellent track record of safety since this treatment has a low rate of complications and leaves only minimal scarring. You will have to bear the pain for few days depending on the location of wart.

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