5 Negative Effects Caused By Birth Injuries

Some birth injuries can be easily managed with minimal impacts. However, many of the cases call for extensive medical rehab and care. It is always a challenge to the family with an injured child as they have to deal with both financial and emotional impacts. In most cases, the parent or the family will find a lawyer, file an injury lawsuit and seek compensation to mitigate the effects caused by birth injuries.

Effects Caused by Birth Injuries

Job Loss

 It is a full-time job providing care and attention to a child with a birth injury such as cerebral palsy. As a parent, you have to dedicate most of your time to providing the right care to your child. Going to work and providing the needed care can prove hectic, especially if you lack help. The chances of losing your job and the major source of your income are higher. When you lose your job, giving your child and loved ones the best care becomes hard.

Stress and Depression

As a parent, you expect to raise a healthy child. However, with the news that the injuries sustained by your child during birth can lead to permanent disability, the family can experience stress and depression. The mother undergoes trauma which can lead to psychological and mental health problems if care is not provided.

Family Conflicts

Among the major reasons you need to find a lawyer is to help you handle family conflicts that come during and after filing a birth injury lawsuit. This is a social impact of birth injuries that most families experience. The legal and justice process can be long and stressful, creating room for family conflicts to erupt. Such instances must be avoided, mitigated, and handled well, hence, the need to work with a lawyer for guidance.

Hefty Medical Expenses

After medical assessment and the nature of the injuries sustained by your child are confirmed, you need to start the medical process immediately. This is vital as you can avert the long-lasting effects of birth injuries if medical care is provided early. It, however, means spending more than you can afford. Without an insurance plan, the medical bills can pile and becomes a struggle to settle in the long run.

Community Stigmatization and Discrimination

Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy can cause the child’s family to be viewed differently. There are stigmatization and discrimination to the family by the community members. Effective advocacy and awareness are crucial as this reduces the cases of stigma and discrimination among the community members.

News about childbirth injuries is always heartbreaking. This is to the parent, the family, and the community members. While finding a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the negligent healthcare practitioners is vital, understanding the social, financial, and emotional impact of birth injuries is also important. With such knowledge, it is easier to handle the birth injury lawsuit. This is because it will be possible to seek compensation for the physical pain and suffering the child goes through and the financial and emotional burden the parent and the family of the child bear.